About me

I'm a Solutions Architect and Digital Strategist at The Coca-Cola Company. My passion is Interaction Design; it was the focus of my graduate thesis and ID principles inform all of the work I do as a technologist.

Before discovering ID and becoming a programmer, I produced music and worked in audio post-production for Century III, a subsidiary of Universal Studios. At C3, I worked on Florida City, a low-budget feature-length film and Memphis: Rock n' Soul with Cybill Shepherd, a radio series produced for NPR.

My fledgling career as a music producer was cut short by an unfortunate series of events that include Apple Computer's acquisition of Emagic in 2002 and a crashed hard-drive (it's a long story).


Graduate 2001-2004, MS in Computer Science from Florida State Univesity with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction. Graduate thesis entitled Interaction Design Patterns for Musical Applications.
Undergraduate 1996-2001, BA in Liberal Arts (with Honors) from The University of Central Florida with specializations in music, mathematics, and computer science. Undergraduate thesis entitled From Futurism to the Future: The Development of Sound in Music

Interests, Skills & Hobbies

Interests Web and Mobile application development, HCI, cloud computing, usability, Agile development
Programming Extensive experience with .Net web development, HTML/CSS/Javascript, XML/XSL/XPath, JSON. Experienced in a wide variety of open-source technologies: NHibernate, Moq, .Net MVC, NUnit, jQuery, backbone.js, require.js, underscore.js. Other languages include: F#, Python, PHP, Objective-C, Java.
Hobbies Reading, blogging, playing guitar, programming