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RuthsChris.com wins the "Featured on a Microsoft Technology Website" Award!

Posted on 9/28/2009 at 1:32pm

UPDATE: With the release of MVC 2 Microsoft has overhauled www.asp.net/mvc, removing the "featured sites" section altogether. Though this is a sad day for me, it represents a great day for web development in general. Anyway, read about what once was:

RuthsChris.com wins the unofficial "Website That Uses Microsoft Technology Featured on a Microsoft Technology Website" Award (it's unofficial because I made it up). Go to http://www.asp.net/mvc/whatisaspmvc/ and then scroll to the bottom. You'll see a collection of screen grabs that looks something like this:

Boo-yah! There it is: RuthsChris.com on the "What is ASP .Net MVC" page. I'm not totally sure how this came to be, but I think it involves Twitter: Rick Diaz, a Software Architect at my company, submitted a reply to a Phil Haack post on Twitter soliciting any sites that use .Net MVC. Rick replied with RuthChris.com and the rest is history.


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